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In 1941, a young newlywed couple named Earl and Ruth Kurtz decided to follow their passion for agriculture and establish a small vegetable farm near their home in Cheshire, CT.

Although beginning as a modest venture, Kurtz Farms soon grew to become a reputable supplier of vegetables in local markets. This early success can be attributed to not only the Kurtz's hard work and determination, but more notably their ability to recognize the customers' needs.

Their innovative use of smaller greenhouses to give vegetable plants an early start was merely the beginning of decades' worth of forward thinking and trend setting in an evolving industry.

Over the past several decades Kurtz Farms has continued to expand both in size and in the variety of products they grow.

Today the Kurtz family proudly operates over twenty-two greenhouse-covered acres, and offers customers nearly 10,000 different varieties of plants. The expansion of the farm has included the implementation of light and temperature controlled greenhouses and automation for production. These light and temperature controls have allowed for the inclusion of tropical foliage and poinsettias, making the farm a four-season business.

These advancements, coupled with generations of hands on experience, have allowed Kurtz Farms to maintain their reputation as a supplier of superior quality annual, perennial, and vegetable plants.